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David Wakefield

Who am I

thaultimatemix is an online Mixing  Mastering - Producing  and Song writing solution that delivers high quality Mixes - Masters - Production at affordable rates.

thaultimatemix delivers high quality Mixes - Masters - Productions  and Song writing to compete in today's market using years of listening experience to achieve balance and polish to your songs.

I am a Producer Engineer Song writer and Recording artist and I have been producing music for over 20 years.

I am passionate about music and love the challenge of mixing and producing music.

We can't all record in million dollar studios but we can make the most of what we have got and i can help get the music you hear in your head out to the world and compete with the top artists.

I love the challenge of mixing songs to sound polished,well balanced and professional.

I mix as a fan of music to make your songs as accessible and exciting as when you recorded them.

As a Producer/Engineer i am inspired by professionals like Andy Wallace who has mixed some of the biggest albums of all time like Nirvana "Never-mind" Linking Park "Hybrid Theory" and Jeff Bucley "Grace".

Rick Rubin who has produced Multi Platinum albums and Bob Rock who is famous for producing and mixing Metallica "Black Album" one of the biggest albums ever recorded.

I specialize in Pop/Rock/Metal Mixing Mastering  Producing Song Writing.

I also specialize in crafting professional drum arrangements and turning sub standard drum recordings into great sounding tracks.

With a bit of work and fine tuning i can get your song to shine like a diamond.

Let me Mix and Master or Produce your next Single, EP or Album and i am confident you will love the results.

I mix all kinds of music from Death Metal to Country and everything in between.

Contact me for your next Mixing - Mastering - Producing project and get the results you're after.

Mixing Mastering Producing Song Writing thaultimatemix is here to help!